Expectations and Requirements

What NFC expects from you: 

  • Members agree to pass qualified referrals.  This means giving other members a “warm lead,” thereby avoiding member-to-member “cold call” situations.

  • Members agree to bring guests to the meetings that they believe to be of good moral character and high business integrity.

  • Members agree to deal honestly, ethically, and morally with other group members, as well as any referrals given.

  • Members agree to be supportive of each other’s efforts and goals and the group’s charitable efforts.

  • Attend, participate and engage in our meetings as well as any events supported by NFC.


Membership Requirements:

  • New members must be licensed and bonded, if applicable.

  • Potential Members must be in business or been active in the business market they represent for at least 1 year.

  • Potential Members’ business must be their primary business.

  • No Potential Members or current members may promote the opportunity of an MLM, they may ONLY sell the product or service they offer.

  • It is preferred but not a prerequisite that Potential Members be sponsored by a current NFC Member.

  • A Potential Member may not be a member of another category exclusive networking group.

All guests must submit an application to NFC for new membership after attending at least one and not more than two regular meetings. A potential member may not attend another NFC meeting until after the application is approved. However, NFC has the sole discretion to accept or deny any application for any reason.